Comics... (2014) - Download Album

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Stan Lee Writes Mr. Fantastic (Science and Strange Physics)
Horse, Horse, Tiger, Tiger (The Wolverine Song)
The Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 Issue #158
Go, Takumi, Go!

Growing Up (2013) - Download Album

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Playground Fight
Apocalypse Now!
Dead Milkmen
The Saddest Little Song in the World
Gord's Gold
Little Something Else

Love!  Confusion! Adventure! (2007-2012) - Download Album

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Chevette (2012)
Ariadne (2011)
Tailpipe (2010)
Sharon (2010)
Welsh Girls (2012)
Townie (2011)
Pretty Don't Pay the Bills (2011)
Road Trip! (2009)
Crush on You (2008)
Rink Rats (2011)

Country Sh!t! (2010-2012)

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The Thing about Cheating (2010)
Keep on Truckin' (2011)
Home Wrecker (2012)

tempie is the 00's equivalent of an 80's Tascam 4-track project, started by craig thomas in 2002. for fun D.I.Y. pop influenced by 50's teen scene, 60's soul, 70's country, and 80's pop/punk. 

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